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About GSE

Based in Livonia, Michigan, GSE Scale Systems is a manufacturer of programmable weight indicators and scales. As an application engineer for GSE, one of my main responsibilities was finding reliable, timely information for our customers for the GSE products.


Our 6 person Application Engineering team spent much time tracking down manuals and answers to simple questions, and did not have a lot of time left over to really engage with the customers about what our products could do to help them. We were also not available in the evenings or weekends for questions - the most common times our distributors wanted to install our products when their lines were down.

I was challenged with finding an online knowledgebase/FAQ type product that would serve not only our company's needs, but most importantly our users' needs. My roles were researching vendor software, recommending the software, coordinating the implementation of the software, writing articles and training the GSE staff and distributors on how to use the knowledgebase.

GSE public Knowledgebase
  Figure 1: The GSE Public Knowledgebase


  • Researching and selecting the software
  • Software setup and customization
    • Creating the taxonomy/hierarchy
    • Populating KB with starter content (manuals, common questions/answers)
    • Changing css to company colors, and adding company logo
  • Training the application engineering staff to:
    • Log their calls in the customer service system that worked in conjunction with the knowledgebase
    • Propose articles to be published in the knowledgebase
    • Search/use the knowledgebase
  • Populating the knowledgebase
    • Editing, writing and approving content to be published


The customers welcomed having a 24/7 source for GSE information. They could get the basic information online, and we could spend our time engaging with the customers on more in depth questions, ultimately helping them use and engage more with our products, as well as purchasing more. From the website statistics I witnessed the number of users and articles grow continuously through my time at GSE.

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