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ProQuest help system

My main responsibility at ProQuest was implementation and content editing/writing for the user assistance (Help!) system attached to the main ProQuest platform. HelpStudio from the UK was the chosen software for the Help system.

ProQuest Help system - Advanced search

My main responsibilities included:

  • Initial setup—getting the system installed and setup with our SVN system (Tortoise SVN).
  • Table of contents—co-creating a table of contents with succinct understandable labels that will allow us to add more content over time
  • Working with the visual designers to implement the heading styles, links, icons, etc into HelpStudio
  • Implementing and editing all content that goes into HelpStudio
  • Working with the HelpStudio tech support staff (in the UK via email only) to get problems resolved in a timely matter
  • Working with the translation vendor to get the content (over 70,000 words) translated into 18 other languages (including Arabic)
  • Implementing the individual languages into Help Studio (each language is a independent Help system)
  • Figuring out how to flip the interface from "left to right" to "right to left" to accommodate Arabic
  • User testing the arabic system on an arabic speaking friend to make sure the text came back properly from the translation company
  • Writing and tracking all agile stories associated with the Help system

To view the ProQuest Help system:

  1. Open the ProQuest search platform: search.proquest.com
  2. To view the Help system, click on the orange question mark in the top right hand corner